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2013 PieNBeer Day Fun Run Results

July 29, 2013


What a spectacular day to run the PieNBeer Day Fun Run! Temperatures stayed below 85 and despite somewhat overgrown trail conditions, people seemed to have a great time on the course. Many Pies and Beer were had in honor of the Pioneers whom settled the region many years ago. The 4th annual PieNBeer Day Fun Run was a success! The final distance was just about 26.2 miles with approximately 5,000 ft of elevation gain. Despite only a few finding the marking for the Lookout Peak summit, those you made the bushwhack seemed to oddly enjoy the route.

Here are the names and times on the list of those who ran the whole course. NP=No Peak

Pete-The Rocket-Stoughton 4:47
Bob Mueller 4:31 (1st, but NP)
Bryce Astill 4:31 (2nd, NP)
Scott Cottingham 6:22, Peak
Emily Sullivan 5:11 NP
Brian Kamm 5:10 NP
Kendall Wimmer 4:53 NP
Matt Pulsipher 5:18 NP
Scott Zipprich 5:04 NP
Knut Hoversten 4:50 Peak
Jeremy Suwinski 5:03 NP
D.J. Loertscher 5:18 NP
John Brown 4:59 Peak
Drew Erickson 4:49 Peak

Leslie Howlett 6:13 Peak

Zac Marion 6:18 Peak

Eve Davis 6:22 NP
John Diroll 6:22 NP
Melanie Jones 6:35 NP
Celeste Coleman 8:13 NP
Karen Helfrich 6:37 NP
Deanna McLaughlin 6:22 Peak
Carolyn Luckett 7:06 NP
Sean Briley 5:11 NP
Mike Place 5:50 NP

Dan Barnett 3:09 (Start to Big and back)

Thanks Again and see you soon!!!

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  1. August 4, 2013 7:33 PM

    Hey now, Zac Marion and I did the full course adventure peak and all but aren’t on the results. 6:13 for me and 6:18 for Zac

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