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Moving thru obstacles and reflecting on the 2014 Year

December 28, 2014

As many of you may have noticed, I have been obviously absent both virtually and in reality for many months. Approxiamately, a year ago while skiing with a friend on a very begign ski run, I tore my ACL. This rite of passage in Park City, precluded me from racing and much running in 2014. Having torn my ACL in Janruary, I ran and skied unknowably for almost a month. Hampered by a reoccurring knee hyperextension during a powder day, I got confirmation that the ACL was obliterated. I scheduled the surgery for March 3rd and went under the knife, petrified and nervous of the short and long term implications of this surgery. Complicating this, we faced a smattering of obstacles that crippled our families spirits and challenged us beyond our normal capacities. In no less then 2 months from the surgery date we faced a serious health matter for Kristin’s father, some financial issues, the birth of our second child, a son, and the premature death of our beloved dog and friend, Jefferson.


The recovery, while still in progress, was hampered by blood clots and quadricep atrophy. This long road seemed to be on the up and up, when I went to Hardrock to volunteer and spectate.  Over confident and over seals, I ran various miles while working for Duct Tape TV. This included running to the top of Handies Peak, via Grouse Gulch and from the finish to Little Giant to film. Here are some of the videos I was able to help film for this year.

Regrettably, this enthusiasm to be back on the trails resulted in less focus on my Physical Therapy and a great deal of Patellar pain. Therefore, much of my summer focused on biking. This was fortitudinous, because I got the honor to become the Head Coach for the Park City High School Mountain Bike team. The now 3 time state champions were a blast to coach and a healthy distraction for my patellar pain. Here are some great articles about the team.


All being said, I have finally started to run again, and have some big plans for the upcoming year.

To be announced in a couple days

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