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PieNBeer 2013!!!!

July 8, 2013

3rd Annual PieNBeer Day Fun Run on July 24th at 6am!

Due to the amazing course last year, we have not significantly altered the course for the 3rd Annual PieNBeer Day Fun run.

***With one minor alteration – Lookout Peak will be incorporated on this run.

I have included a short slideshow of some spots on the trails for those who need visual stimulation.

As far as conditions and more details on the route, they are fast. The run will start at Jeremy Road, specifically where it turns dirt and Daybreak forks to the right. From there runners will proceed about 4 miles along the dirt road to the Mormon Pioneer Trail head, the new ending point for the race. At this point the trail begins and runners gently climb up the Mormon trail, the historical route of the Donners, Pony Express and the aforementioned settlers, to Big Mountain Pass, 4.2 miles and 1400′ of vertical.  At roughly 7,400′ altitude at Big Mountain Pass we will have an aid station (supplied by yourselves) and generous folk encouraging you on to Big Mountain. The one mile ascent of Big Mountain is only 800 feet of vertical from the pass. After finishing the climb you can enjoy the rewarding ridgeline views for about 2 miles. As you proceed you will bear left at Swallow Rocks (at approx. 12 miles) and the Brink (13 and some change). Following the Brink a ‘lovely’ forested section of off camber overgrowth should be expected. This year the run will  include the summit of Lookout (Near mile 14), which will only nominally affect mileage, but may significantly impact speed. From here runners will descend the ridge and follow a lovely ridge towards a 4 way intersect. At the intersection, make a hard left and descend into Affleck park once you have reached the campground bear left and begin the short ascent of the Mormon Pioneer Trail. It will begin as cinder track. Be prepared this 2.5 mile section will be warm and includes 1,000′ of climbing. Within a mile you will cross the road, where we hope to have water and some aid, and continue your total last ascent to the Big Mountain Pass (roughly at 20 miles). After enjoying a slice of pie, enjoy the 4 mile descent to the Mormon Flats trailhead. We will be Apres Run partying here and people will be able to easily shuttle back to their cars at the start line.  The total mileage, including the road portion are roughly 24.53 (give or take – but who is counting). The route ascends roughly 5,000 ft. Most of the climbing is done on the Mormon Pioneer Trail up to Big Mountain Pass and the mile heading up beyond that along the Great Western Trail. The remainder of the course is undulating. I would say that for the most part, the entire route is runnable, perhaps about a mile or so.  The trail up to Big Mountain is going dry this year. After the Brink, the trail becomes somewhat off camber and tight. I didn’t have much trouble with the Stinging Nettle, but had to watch foot placement on several sections. You are totally going to love the downhill off of the Lookout saddle, but be careful, it becomes washed out and you could get yourself into trouble here too.

I expect the times to range from 3:30 to 7 hours. A word of warning, anyone finishing after 7 hours should be prepared for HOT temps!!!

Here is a map of the route.

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  1. Carter permalink
    July 8, 2013 3:07 AM

    So, we are just doing the up and back for Lookout addition, not the climb through brush to ridge over by the Brink? Just trying to make sure.

    • pwstoughton permalink*
      July 16, 2013 6:33 PM

      Hey carter
      Just after the brink is a bushwack trail up to the peak. However, we will not take that. I believe we will take a small trail that is more of a game trail up. It will be marked well and not be out and back. Still working on logistics.

  2. July 17, 2013 4:58 PM

    Hello! I’d love to add a trail running camp to your calendar, if possible. Mizuno pro athlete Renee Metivier Baillie will lead a 4-day camp in Park City this October. Please feel free to reach me if there is a good e-mail address that I can send you some more info and a flyer. Thanks so much!

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