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Running with Ed – Preparation

March 8, 2013


Taking a week off to go to the Tetons seems at first to be a walk in the park. However, for me it will be a run in for a cause. Due to the generosity of the Park City Education Foundation, we were able to take numerous students to the Teton Science School. Some of these students were my own students who needed an extra incentive for succeeding academically and were rewarded with full scholarships to participate this week. I was ecstatic to bring these students along, and especially enjoyed sitting down with them each night to do HW while their peers played games and socialized during their minimal ‘free time’. I would encourage you to view the students BLOG and get a taste of the journey they have experienced this week.

40 mile solo run!

40 mile solo run!

On May 18th, I along with several other colleagues will be running to help raise money for the Park City Education Foundation. From everyone I have heard from, Running With Ed is a not only a fantastic run through the gorgeous scenery of Park City, UT, but a well organized and enthusiastic venue for a run. For the most part, teams of friends, families, colleagues and runners get together in a similar manner as the Ragnar Events. And while it is technically a Ragnar event, much more time is spent running on this day then sitting in a car, or staring exhaustion in the face. Additionally, I have heard rumors that the post race festivities are spectacular. I am looking forward to making an attempt at winning the solo category, but am fully aware of many friends and other runners like Bryon Powell and such that like to come out and raise the stakes. I would encourage anybody, from aspiring runners to my Ultra friends, to come out and join me on May 18th. And for those feeling a tug of philanthropic generosity, I would encourage you to help me and my teammate (Megan Zarnetske!), who are each running the entire 38 miles solo, to join us in raising $3,000 dollars. These funds will go directly towards the continuing scholarships made available to enable us to take at risk or normally financially hindered students with us on our yearly pilgrimage to the Teton Science School. (Anyone who contributes more then $50 towards our goal will receive a new Feetures sock!!)

Feetures sock

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