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Making the best of this winter offseason.

January 4, 2013

Every year, I spend the first few months of the running season recovering from the 5 to 10 lbs of weight I have put on, the buildup of I plaque on my legs from lack of running and a tightened muscles from a sedentary life during the winter. 

Rather then struggle through the months of Feb -June, I (with the help of my wife and friends) am planning on the following to alleviate the regular running curve. 

1. Increased regular (Weekly) high intensity workouts

     – Speed/tempo runs with a Bethany Lewis

     – SkiMo racing bi weekly, 

     – Periodic Insanity workouts

2. Increased strengthening and climbing

     – Weekly stair training (Aiming to do 50 laps of the Wells Fargo building – Join team Aether)

     – Goal of ascending 100,000 ft. in 8 days – Mimicking Matt Hart

     – Backcountry touring on heavy gear in the lovely Wasatch mountains

3. Improved diet and health

     – Focusing on eating a Paleo Diet – Again thanks to the inspiration of Matt Hart

     * Here are some great resources if interested




We will be keeping you updated on the progress. And would greatly appreciate your thoughts, concerns and accountability. 

Here’s to a New Year, and new opportunities!!!!!!!!!!

Without risks, your are not truly living.




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  1. Brian Kretschmar permalink
    January 4, 2013 2:11 PM

    I’ll help with insanity and skiing. Look into paleo for athletes suggestions.

    Brian Kretschmar 801-599-2913

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