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Winter on Wire!!

December 18, 2012

One of my favorite local runs/hikes is Mtn. Wire in SLC. I have run this numerous times, and often on a weekly basis. And yet there is always something new when I venture out. This time, due to timing and such, I was not able to go Backcountry skiing, so I decided to run Wire. There was certainly plenty of adventure on this run. With about a foot of snow the ascent took more then 10 minutes longer then usual, even on a slow day. A noticeable difference in conditions existed between the base and the summit. Starting in a snowy and warm (relative) state I saw a cloud and winds whipping around on the peak. I packed my Pro Shell and off I went. Posting in the powder and slipping with no poles, my tights keep me plenty warm. The summit was shroud in a low hanging cloud and winds were biting at me. My shell helped regulate my temperatures and I soon started picking my way down. Having seen the Elk lower then expected, I knew that company may be had. Thanks to their tracks, I mistakenly took the wrong trail down off the ridge and ended up following a track on a southernly spin a qtr mile or so early. When I finally realized my error, and happened apron my ungulate friends, I made an abrupt decision to follow my comrades rather then picking my way back up hill to the traversing ridge. This was meet with an adventure through Scrub Oak that I was unprepared for. After much route finding and eventual descending with a ‘just get it done’ attitude. I was about a half hour later then expected when I returned to the car and changed for church. A scowl by my wife, whom did not appreciate my story, nor my bloody legs.


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  1. Mike Vokes permalink
    December 18, 2012 1:26 PM

    It appears a GPS device could have possibly got you out of trouble with the wife! 😉

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