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Brighton Marathon

July 3, 2012

Thanks to the energy of Christian and Jay, the legacy of the Wasatch Alpine Striders was up and running this year. About 40 runners meet on July 1st, 2012 for what has been called the Brighton Marathon. As has been the custom, those expecting to run in less then 5.5 hours meet at 7:30am, while the larger subset meet at 6am up at Brighton Ski Resort. Another subset of runners/hikers also joined at various stages and sections to enjoy the amazingly clear trails, escape the inferno of the valley and congregate afterwards at Jay Aldous’s house for the Apres run BBQ.

I had the honor of riding up with Ben Lewis and Peter Adler in the morning. Naively, I hoped to run with Ben, Greg and the other faster runners, a short stint of stomach issues early on and significant blisters on my feet prevented me from maintaining that pace. Fortunately, I was able to run almost the entire course with Peter Adler. This was fortuitous for both of us. For Peter, it motivated him to complete the entire route, despite having run a strong race the week prior. And for me, it engaged my mind in alternative therapy, so as to not singly focus on the pain in my foot. Thanks Peter!

The route was very well marked and I thoroughly enjoyed the staggered element of the run, because of the ability to see many friends along the course whom I would not have had otherwise.

I was personally I was very satisfied with the 5 hour finish and was rewarded with passing Chuck Konopa, whom is much stronger and faster than I. However, to my surprise I learned later at the BBQ that he had run the entire route with no food and was completely bonked due to lack of food and water. There goes any confidence I had gained!!!  Oh well. Great day great people and great times.

See you next year!

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