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Behold I Live – An Existential Tribute to a Red Butte Run!

June 27, 2012

Yesterday, was perhaps the most quintessential ‘experience’ run I have ever had.

Originally, the idea was to poach the Red Butte concert last night, drink some Red Stripe and listen to Jimmy Cliff. Thanks to my best friend in high school, I was introduced to Jimmy Cliff and Ska. This appreciation has taken a back sit to life and circumstances, but remains an engrained part of my collective psyche. Unfortunately, many in my current circles did not have the same appreciation or collective memories, so I was relegated to another solo session on the hill. Rather then sit on my arse all night, I decided to incorporate a bit of hill climbing while enjoying the music. This ended up being fantastic!!!

As I made numerous laps on the southern shoulder leading to Van Cott, I skanked and skat, skat’d my way up and down the hill. On one occasion, a by stander even got inspired to make a round with me. What was even more surprising was the acoustical arrangements. They were perfect. The sound carried amazingly better to the hillside then I expected and was much clearer then when I had sat on the smaller hills behind Red Butte.

However, it was until the sun had set that the moment of just being finally took hold of me. In one of his last songs, Jimmy sang repetitiously ‘Behold I live’ in his amazing tenor voice. With the city lights in the background, the darkened trail scape in the fore and the echoing of ‘Behold I live’ in the air, one could not but just breathe in the moment, the feeling of life reverberating in my lungs and the knowledge that all that existed at this time was what I knew and felt. This was true, this was now, and I was alive.

While the moment lasted only a few minutes it will echo in my collective psyche for a long, long time.

See you at the next Red Butte concert on the hill!

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  1. Chad Rhinehart permalink
    June 29, 2012 1:35 AM

    Sounds like there were some good vibrations on the hill. Sorry I missed it!

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