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A new race – Tribal Run

June 10, 2012

Utah is excited to announce the arrival of the Tribal Run.  Antelope Island is one of Utah’s most most scenic landmarks.  It’s beauty, landscape, and wildlife has been attracting visitors for years.  Running at this awe-inspiring venue will give you the opportunity to run along a beach, see some wildlife, witness one of the most gorgeous sunsets, and hang out with friends and family all night long.  The Tribal Run will be coming to Utah August 03-04, 2012.  This is a running event that you have never experienced before.  Come enjoy a run on one of America’s most scenic islands.

Tribal Run is an overnight 5k trail relay.  The race starts and ends at a “Base Camp” that will have a large camp fire in the middle.  Four camps will surround the fire where people can set up camp for their team or “tribe”. Set up of teams may range from a few lawn chairs to tents to a big screen TV – each team can choose.  From Base Camp there will be two to four 5k routes that start and end at base camp.

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