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TriMangle (Courtesy of Mike Place)

May 9, 2012

Author Mike Place

‘Lately my favorite run has been a suffer-fest that I’ve deemed the ‘TriMangle’. It’s a pretty good way to get some good climbing in while still being able to use the car as a refueling point.

Starting from the Alta parking lot, run south through Albion Basin. Ascend to Catherine’s Pass to the east, and drop over the other side past Lake Mary and Dog Lake and descend all the way to the Brighton parking lot. Retrace your steps back to the pass and descend again to the upper-Albion lot. Re-ascend Albion Basin to Cecret Lake and then travel west to the top of Sugarloaf lift. Descend northward to the base of Alta, but cut to the west near the base of the Wildcat chair down-canyon to Snowbird. Once at the Cliff Lodge, begin climbing again, keeping toward the east side of Snowbird until reaching the base of the cirque. Ascend the east side of the cirque via the ridge trail until reaching Hidden Peak. Return to the car by following the ridgeline east and tagging Mount Baldy and then descending yet again through Alta. Total ascent is somewhere in the 12,000′ range and can vary widely based on the particular routes taken. Most climbing is on grades at least 15% and some grades can approach 40% or higher. The entire course is runnable if one is very fit.


Significant bonus points awarded for completing a double-loop on this course in a single day. I have yet to accomplish such a feat.

Variations include ascents of Sunset Peak, traversing across Catherine’s Area, or adding an additional loop across the Wolverine cirque at Brighton.

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