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2011 Timp. Trick or Treat

October 10, 2011

Thanks to the bravery of three wonderful ladies, one of whom was Bethany Lewis, the Second Annual Timp. Trick or Treat did not get canceled following a three day snow storm assaulting the Wasatch Front. With modest expectations, the four courageous souls departed the Aspen Grove trail head at 7am as the sun was welcoming us.  We began with a purposefully slow and casual pace on the relatively dry trails in full anticipation of snow filled basins awaiting us. The dramatic relief of the Primrose Cirque greeted us along with the warmth of the morning sun. As we came just below Robert’s Horn in our approach to Hidden Lake, we diverted from the traditional path and boot packed up. With a final approach to Emerald Lake and almost 2 fresh feet of snow from the preceding several days of onslaught of an early October storm, our pace was much impeded and yet our spirits lifted with the euphoric beauty of the snowcapped mountains. Quickly, we began post holing, alas with no great plethora of mountain goats, to the saddle facing west into Timp. Basin. Rather quickly, we determined a summit attempt on this day would not be  in our best interest, so we carefully devised a route of descent off the infamous boulder fields into the basin. Passing a surprised backcountry skier, we gently glissaded down towards a solitary campsite, in the hope of the end of our mile plus post holing adventure. Shins scraped, legs ready to run, we excitedly hoped to descend at a much more rapid pace to the Timpooneke Campground. To our great disappointment, we were still at least another mile or so away from any sustained running.

Inspiring us from the distance, a Moose of great proportions, beckoned us to continue the massacre of our shins for the hopes of a steady run. Rather quickly, or at least in comparison to the first 2 hours, we descended from the Timp Basin, into the Middle Basin to the Giant Staircase. Once we had reached Scout Falls, we all made haste the last few miles to the campground, especially appreciative of the warmer temperatures. Although, we all deferred to end the run at Timpooneke we had spent almost 4.5 hours trudging through knee deep snow to garner a deep appreciation for the variable conditions that can occur in October at Timp. I expect, our luck will be much better next year. And perhaps a full cast of characters will be assaulting the mountain for Timp. Trick or Treat. Thanks for the Fun Run.

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