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Relentless Forward Progress!

July 21, 2011

Authors: Byron Powell

Cost: $18.00

Rating: GREAT!

Purchase it Here!


Byron, along with several other reputable contributors, have created one of the best introductory texts to Ultra running. The book covers a wide variety of relevant topics to those interested in running distance longer the a marathon. While not exhaustive, Bryon does not aim it to be such, it is a well written book that begins a new, and sometimes experienced runner, along the journey of understanding necessary components of the art and science of Ultra running. From basic and advanced training guides, to understanding nutrition, hydration, environmental and psychological factors, the book is a great resource for those moving into long distance trail running. Although never a replacement for active coaching and expert consultation, the book also provides additional resources for those needing more exhaustive explanation.  If you plan on moving into longer distances and need a book to help navigate some of your questions and concerns. Relentless Forward Progress is certainly one of the best and only tools for achieving your goals. This will not be a book you just sit through one time and read and ‘Get it’. You will pick this up through out your training.

Pros: Almost everything about it!

Cons: You have to keep going back to the book to learn more!

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