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The Whole Mama

July 20, 2011

My wife is adding some changes to her blog. She would love some feedback on what you might find interesting and helpful as a reader…

I am adding a new twist to my blog after a lot of thought, some recent conversations, and my general passion for one’s overall health. My idea is to focus my blog on six major aspects of wellness.  These six different categories would include exercise, diet, emotional, relational, spiritual, and kids health. I wanted to get your opinion on what might interest you as a reader or help meet some of your personal needs. Here is my current plan of direction…

The Whole Mama: It take’s more than one area in life to feel complete as a person. When you are imbalanced in one aspect, it is easy to become imbalanced in another. I am a believer that health is a circular equation. Spending time on each area on one’s general health can help bring a little more wholeness to a broken picture. In no way, do I claim to be 100% balanced in all areas of my life, but living life wholeheartedly as a healthy women and mother helps to drive me to be who I am today. May you find some renewal, some strength, and some passion in all the areas that life has to offer.

Exercise: Running, hiking, and snowshoeing tips. Local running routes and races. Helpful exercise tips and way’s to get started.

Diet: Recipes & gardening tips. How to make things from scratch. Helpful food planning tips and where to find local produce.

Emotional: How to balance stress, sleep, and one’s overall well-being. Guides to local counseling center’s, support groups, etc.

Relational: Balancing church, friends, and family. Fertility and infertility. Suggestions for local date nights.

Spiritual: Personnel reflections, local church’s, and book reviews. In my opinion, this is the most important category as all area’s flow from here.

Kids Health: Healthy eating for kids, exercising with kids, and growing brains.

* I am debating on adding a “Local” category for those of us who live in the Salt Lake City area. This category would include any reviews or lists of helpful places I had mentioned in the above lists. I can either include these ideas per specific category or as its own section.

I would love to have your feedback on these new ideas.

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