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MOON Outdoors: Utah Camping

July 17, 2011

Authors: Mike Matson

Cost: $17.95

Rating: GREAT!

Purchase it Here!

This book is a must own for any outdoor enthusiast living, or visiting, Utah. Not only will this provide exquisite details and information for assisting you in making and determining your camping locations, but will adequately prepare you for the necessary challenges and opportunities at your site. The book is broken into healthy geographic sections, which assist in making a reasonable approximation of campsite locations. Each site is thoroughly described including facilities, number of campsites, pertinent fees or required reservations, directions and contact information. It should be noted that Matt gives the reader a vibrant picture through his writing of each campsite and its notable features. In addition, each site is rated and a brief ‘at-a-glance’ icon bar is provided to determine quick assessing for needs.

I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who regularly travels in Utah and plans on camping.

Pros: Almost everything about it!

Cons: The rating system is not perfect: Does not include primitive camping

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