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Numa Lo-Pro

July 16, 2011

Sunglasses are perhaps one of the most difficult purchases to commit to. For years, I have had glasses and watched as they get smashed, shattered, stolen or just gone missing. In my basement are a collection of remnant pieces from a variety of glasses and makers. Like their counter part, the missing socks, they more often have nothing but lasting memories or possible longevity and adventures never lived.

That was until I found Numa Optics. More than a year ago, that is 20 years in sunglass lives, I had the fortune of obtaining a pair of Numa Lo-Pro glasses. For me it was love at first sight. In addition to being just plan sexy sun glasses, they fit me out of the box. This is particularly difficult for most glasses because of my narrow cranium. Not only did they fit snug on my face, but I immediate got positive comments from my wife, who can be very critical about what I wear.

This initial appreciation with the glasses has not diminished. In fact, it has only become more adamant in recognition that these glasses and the technologies they have incorporated in them that has made me a life patron of Numa Optics. As a mountain biker, runner, father and generally rough on gear guy, the Flex Frame Technology is essential for EVERYONE! Rarely, do you ever find a product that is so accurate to is sales pitch. In this case, I can testify to the durability and flexibility of the Flex Frame Technology. On multiple occasions, I have come home to an excited 2 year old girl, who immediately grabs the glasses off of my head and begins to jerk, pull, tug and lick every part of the glasses. Much like some of their videos, these glasses are truly child proof.

Additionally, the lens, although not as tough and rugged as the frames, have proven to be despite numerous 2 year old attacks, drops while running or biking and other various forms of assault, to be extremely resilient to abrasions and scratches. Gone for me are the days of even thinking about carrying a sun glass case, although perhaps I should.

I am very thankful, and so is my wallet, for the development of these durable, flexible and good looking glasses.

Just check it out their promo video.

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