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MOON Handbook: UTAH

July 15, 2011

Authors: W.C. McRae & Judy Jewell

Cost: $19.95

Rating: Good!

Purchase it Here!

When beginning the search for what to do and how to travel in Utah, finding a concise and yet thorough handbook can be extremely overwhelming. We have seen, and been, on numerous occasions in a Barnes and Nobles watching young couples perusing guidebook after guidebook from the travel sections. Both starry eyed and some what perplexing, these can be more taxing then the vacation itself. MOON has compiled a delightful handbook that summarizes the fundamental experiences for a healthy and invigorating visit to Utah. Combining quintessential locations with off the beaten path gems, McRae and Jewell have a very balanced approach to providing just the right amount of helpful information for a first, and perhaps second visit to Utah.

As a permanent resident of Utah, I was somewhat critical of the Salt Lake City and other ‘Urban’ areas. However, the writers of the book made up for these short comings with a resounding presence of character and freshness in their writing. Whilest reading, you can only ask yourself if these writers actually visited and experienced every inch of Utah.

I would certainly recommend this handbook for anyone needing a introductory synopsis of what Utah has to provide and how to experience it.

Pros: Concise on the larger areas, yet thorough on the small towns and hidden gems; Excellently written; Great Introduction and itineraries; Wonderful Resources

Cons: Not Exhaustive; Lacking colorful and inviting pictures

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