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Training with a Two year old in Glacier and Teton NP

July 13, 2011

Perhaps some of the best and worst times for continuing any form of training is during a vacation. On some occasions, the unknown or family obligations can make it extremely difficult to run, ride, etc. On the contrary, the excessive hours of freedom open up doors that normally are not available to those of us who have day jobs. Recently, during my training for my first 100 miler, I have made better efforts to continue or improve my training during these times, but not with out lots of effort and a loving wife and baby girl.

This past week, we traveled to the Tetons and Glacier. In order to maintain training, we worked conjuntly to ensure that our 2 year old was maximizing her happy times. This meant bringing the right food, toys and timing things impecably. Thanks to the consciencous efforts of my wife we were able to do some amazing things. Here is what the trip involved

Day 1 – Drive to Jackson with a Run in the stroller in Logan – 4 miles

Day 2 – Hike up Cascade Canyon with Ella in pack (40lbs) – 11 miles &  a 4 mile fast run

Day 3 – Day off to drive

Day 4 – Hike to Sperry Chalet with Ella in pack (40lbs)- 11 miles & a 7 mile fast run

Day 5 – Ride up to Logan pass with Ella in trailer – 22 miles

Day 6 – Run up road in Glacier – 13.5 miles & Hike with Ella 4.5 miles

Total Mileage – 77 miles


Perhaps what made this such fantastic training is the wieght component, although carrying anything heavier then my big butt is not ideal. As a distance runner, I often forget the value of adding strengthening elements to my workouts, along with speed work. This week was a great opportunity to incorporate these into my travels while not burning everybridge and investment my wife has put in.

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For more information on how to plan for adventure when you travel go ahead and visit my friend’s site.

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