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4th of July in Park City

July 13, 2011

This year, we decided to stay local for the 4th of July, rather then travel. In Salt Lake, there are a plethora of options for the fourth of July, including the SLC Bees and SLC REAL games. Partially due to the growing heat on that day, we chose to head up to Park City for the Annual Parade and Celebration, in conjunction with a ride along the rail trail from Kimball Junction.We had heard lots of great things about the parade and activities in PC, and were certainly not disappointed. Although we didn’t go to everything, there were 5k runs, pancake breakfasts, rugby and volleyball games, concerts, jets and the parade itself.

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We often begin our rail trail rides at Kimball Junction and the New Park area. There are several reasons. Knowing it was the 4th we wanted to avoid traffic, it is the second closest location on the trail system and one of my new favorite spots is in New Park, ZB Sports. The ride began with temperatures in the high 50s and with a slight overcast sky. This was a significant improvement over the 90 degree temperatures in the valley. We rode a brisk and quick 9 miles in to town and were extremely grateful for the foreknowledge of choosing bicycle power over the automobile. Traffic was almost comparable to Sundance!

We especially love this trail because of the scenery and easy grade, not something you find very often in Utah. We are often not alone when strolling our baby trailer behind us. It is a mixed use trail, which means joggers, bikers and horses all can share access. Only on rare occasions have a seen horses on the trail, but be sure to yield when you do come across them. Thanks to the Mountain Trails Foundation for making these types of trails available for everyone.

When we did finally get to Main Street, the town was packed. Everybody was lining the streets from the intersection with PCMR to the top of Main Street. When parked the bikes and began taking a closer look we noticed that almost everybody was wearing a hat from SKULL CANDY. Prior to the event, they had been giving these highly desirable commodities away. During the parade it felt like 90 percent of the people were decked out in SKULL Gear.

Snagging some seats next to people who had put out chairs the previous night, one of the lovely volunteers was generous enough to let Ella don a American Flag for the parade. This was a source of hilarious entertainment for the next half hour. Only to be interrupted by the beginning of a very child friendly parade. Not much of a parade person myself, I tend to avoid them like the plague. I have irreversible memories of waiting in frigid temperature for the MACY’s Parade in NYC with my family for years. This parade was quite different, primarily because of the child centered approach of the floats and the atmosphere of bliss surrounding Ella’s experience.

I would certainly recommend coming to Park City on the Fourth of July to any one. It was a fabulous experience and one my daughter will be sure not to forget.

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