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Fun in the Sun at PCMR!!

June 25, 2011

Usually a day off of work for me involves one of two things. It is more often then not, I take these days for skiing, running or biking. More frequently, I have been taking days off to hang out with Ella while Kristin goes to work. On this rare occasion, we were generously, offered VIP passes to Park City Mountain Resort to enjoy the Alpine Summer Activities. Were were invited by the Snowmamas Advisory council and Park City Mountain Resort for a TV spotlight, along with several other families. 

Kris was especially nervous to go. Primarily, because of the timing, we were potentially bringing Ella for a self imploding catastrophe. To our surprise, not only did Kris and Ella, fully enjoy themselves, but Ella was a complete angel and exuded more patience then expected of a 2 year old.

Ella really does have the spirit of a champion. I say this because of when we first arrived at Park City Mountain Resort, she noticed the Legacy Launcher. A form of Bungy jumping and Trampolining. Obviously, above her current skill set, Ella spent the first 20 to 30 minutes while we waited for the TV people kindly and persistently requesting to go on the ‘Wiee’. A word she uses for anything that swings, jumps or makes absorbent amounts of motion in one given spot.

In an effort to distract her, I took her over to the ‘child’ friendly area. You could tell immediately, she had this sort of “You gotta be kidding me” look on her face. But as you can see the kindly conductor made it so enticing she changed her perspective instantly. This aerial assualt only wetted her appetite for adventure. Fortunaely for us, we were at the right place for this.

The director asked everybody to take a ride, kids included, on the Alpine Slide. With about 3,000 feet of sliding, we were sure to let our hair fly through the cool summer breeze. Again, Kris was slightly nervous about the ride up on the chair lift with Ella and unsure of how Ella would do on the long slide. Not to my surprise, as soon as we got on the lift, Ella settled into a comfortable embrace in mom’s arms. Of course, this was only tempary, because Ella soon regained her zeal for adventure on the cool and smooth chair lift, as we juggled various strategies mediating a solo flight of a 2 year old. In just the right moment, we descended off the lift, gathered our slides, and journeyed to the entrance of the slide. One of the most endearing characteristics of Ella is her unique desire to do ‘everything’ on her own. Without hesitation, this meant caring the 20 pound slide all by her self. Quickly, she realized daddy was more of a sucker then she anticipated, and she was able to coax him into pulling her the remainder of the way while she sat in luxury in the slide, technically not permitted. It should also be noted that Ella ‘loved’ the slide and could be heard saying ‘faster’ as she rode with daddy down the slide. We did of course take the ‘slow’ slide. Surprisingly, at the end of the slide, neither mom or her sled could be found. So Ella and daddy brought the sled to the operators and looked puzzled around for mom. Bewildered both Ella and I, contemplated that mom had left us for a younger man, or had been so bewildered by the speed of the slide that she rode the brakes down the entire way. We promptly returned to the end of the Alpine Slide and took out the camera. If you look closely enough, you can she the other ‘mom’ behind Kristin yelling some sort of phrases I was glad Ella couldn’t hear.

For the last hour of the day, Ella couldn’t be pulled from the Merry Go Round and other little options. It certainly, leaves much for Kris and I to do when we come back in the future to enjoy the summer amentities of Park City Mountain Resort. You should too.

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  1. June 26, 2011 6:48 PM

    Great Post Pete. Thanks for joining us at Park City Mountain Resort and for being one of our awesome Snowpapas!

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