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One Step at a Time with the Toddler!

June 23, 2011

You know you have been doing something write when your two your old daughter gets on the trails and starts running and laughing and saying, “I’m running, I’m running” over and over again. As the school year has come to a close, my wife and I have been making a conscience effort to share some of our favorite places in SLC with our daughter. As can be noticed on this site, Millcreek in SLC, is one of our favorites. This year it is especially powerful. The abundance of snowfall and moderate temperatures, have created ideal conditions for one of the most lush springs in recent years in Utah. In many ways, it takes me back to the landscapes of the East Coast, hyped with large mountain features. On this day, we took the whole family. We even pulled out all the stops and brought a picnic dinner. The idea was to let Ella, who is 2, hike for as long as she could keep her attention focused in one direction. Then to allow the meandering and gently guide her back to the car. To our surprise, she led for quite some time. Including a pretty good stint of running (This she got from both parents). Of course we stopped along the way to watch and laugh at the dog, blow dandelion seeds and jump off trees. For a first hike, she is a trooper.

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