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The BoSho!

April 15, 2011

For many years, a group of rogue runners have run a unofficial and frowned upon race along the foothills of Salt Lake City. To some this has been described as the Bonneville Shoreline Trail Marathon, or the BoSho. Since its inception, in 1999, almost a hundred runners would come out on some randomly chosen day in April to run roughly 26.2 miles with approximately 5,000′ of elevation gain. Until a few years ago, this race was a healthy collection of lost souls yearning for the days of simplicity and just running. Unfortunately, the forces that be, made a significant push to ensure that such rogue running events did not occur on these same hills.

In an effort to honor those who created these routes and their legacy of running for the heck of it, many runners do a marathon in memory of the rogue past. Here are a collection of images from this run.

What is perhaps most appropriate are that these gentlemen, including myself, fought not only the institutions and weather to love and let live the legacy of running the BoSho.

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Having only run limited distances this spring, recovery routines were essential. Thanks to the heat therapy of Wonder Warmers, I was able to address some sore hamstrings and IT bands quickly. By the next day, I was ready to play Ultimate with the kids at work.

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