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A Nagging Injury..

March 23, 2011

Somewhere towards the end of last years running season I began feeling pain in the upper right side of my abdomen. Thinking nothing of it, I ignored it and moved on to a season of rest and relaxation on the ski slopes and at work. Shortly later, I realized this pain would not be alleviated and would pester me from October until March.
Mostly, because Kristin was tired of hearing me complain. I decided medical expertise might be of benefit. So I made an appointment in February to see a Sports Medicine Doctor. In describing my pains, he and I began to think I might have a minor Inguinal Hernia and looked at rest and strengthening as the primary treatment. To my dismay, within a month I was feeling significantly worse and more concerned about the longer implications on my Ultra running training schedule.
One should make a note that I had not really ‘rested’. Yes I ran less and ate more cookies. However, I did climb a 23 story building 32 times, run several times 14 or so miles and ski/snowboard on multiple occasions. Nevertheless, I decided the pain was serious enough to make another appointment to see the Sports Medicine Doctor, a Surgeon and a Physical Therapist. The conflicting and differing opinions are confusing and have included diagnosis of Inguinal Hernia, Sports Hernia, Groin Strain, Hip Flexor Strain, Hip displacement problems and so on. Despite this already complex and invigorating experience, I have learned the following things:

1. Just because it is easy to get in to see a doctor doesn’t mean he/she is good.

2. A surgeon will suggest a Surgery, a Chiropractor will recommend Chiropractics and so forth.

3. More then one opinion is essential.

4. Money shouldn’t matter, but it does.

5. Decide you outcome first.

6. Listen and learn – Often good questions and an insightful patient gets better care.

7. Do research, don’t just list to the ‘Experts’

8. The easy solution isn’t always the right one.

9. Surgery doesn’t always fix a problem.

10.It takes Time!

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