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A Smooth and Satisfying Sock. FEETURES!

March 6, 2011

The last two months I have been attempting to wear down and isolate the weaknesses of a pair of Elite socks by Feetures! To no avail, I have been extremely pleased with the durability, softness and overall performance of this light and extremely breathable socks. 

To give a little creditability to what I am about to say, you should know that I have worn these socks at least twice a week (Yes, my wife loves me and washes them), run in them typically twice a week and have done a recent race with them last week. Although, I didn’t win the race, I came in 3rd with 32 climbs of the tallest building in SLC. Go here to learn more about the Fight for Air Clean Air Climb.

Joe from Feetures! was generous enough to allow me to try the Elite sock. The sock is an exceptionally smooth and supportive sock. The socks form a sort of second skin that is barely noticeable. If you like a light and ultra thin sock that is smooth to the touch this is certainly a sock of choice. I, like many other runners, like socks to be a minimal aspect of my performance and thought process. These allow me to focus on the bigger tasks, like messing with my GPS or Ipod. I will note that I did not use these socks for runs more then 15 miles, which may or may not be a problematic area, as many limitations of socks can begin to become more apparent on longer runs. Overall, the construction and material design of the sock was good. I have included what to an outside observer may appear to be a design flaw in the heel gore. However, to date I have not had any issues or concerns with fabric failure in this area.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of these Feetures! socks is the iwick fibers. For the amount of days and frequency of which I wore these socks, I can not on one occasion think of any incidents of sweaty feet or foot odors. The iwick fibers do an amazing job of maintaining moisture balance on and off the job. I have worn these while running in temps as low as 10 degrees to 55 degrees. Even during the work day as a normal sock, I never dealt with sweaty feet or odor problems.

The Perfect Toe component was perhaps the weakest and most frustrating aspect of the sock for me. As seen in some of the photos, bunching does occur in the toe and in the seam on the inside heels. This puckering, I believe could be resolved easily by sizing adjustments, which I hope to more accurately determine when I get a smaller sized Elite sock.

The power arch was unique and made an apparent difference. In an era of compression socks and arch supports, this seems to be a solid middle ground. I would certainly recommend this to friends with arch issues.

Overall the elite sock is a solid sock, I do not foresee any reason this sock won’t make an imprint on the sock market and runners choices. I would like to continue to use the elite and recommend it to other runners. I might like to try a couple of your other socks and a different size in the future to see if these above stated concerns can and will be resolved.

As an aside, my wife has been wearing the PureComfort Womens Bamboo/Wool low cut sock.  She has found this sock to be extremely comfortable for running in cold temps, wearing normally and at home. Durable and sold craftsmanship.I am certainly jealous, I didn’t get a pair of these socks.


If you don’t beleive me, check out what ‘MOORE ON RUNNING‘ has to say about them.

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