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What is the Vice Principal wearing???

March 2, 2011

Well, there are certainly those days when business and pleasure do not mix. Today, was one of those prime examples of an EPIC FAILURE. As of this year, I have begun the slow and eventual transition into normalcy. This typically is manifested in the business casual attire of a typical administrator. unbeknownst to many of my colleagues and students, I do not find my self envisioning long days in a shirt, tie and business pants. And so perhaps in an ill-conceived effort to combat this or completely undermine any misconstrued sense of legitimacy, I have subconsciously (or at least that is what I think it is) worn running socks on a daily basis.

So here is what happened….

Imagine if you will, going to the Principal’s office to discuss some embarrassing or negative experience. You’ve been called down. And as you arrive to the secretaries desk, you see your parents standing and talking with the sharply dressed young and emblazoned administrator. Nervously, you walk into the clutches of the office. You choose your words cautiously, for fear of self-incrimination. Your hands are sweating and then suddenly… suddenly, you look and…

This once sharply dressed administrator is propping one leg upon the other in a casual and yet inquisitive manner, only reveling an oddly short and brightly colorful… SOCK!!! Fixated you lose track of you train of thought and the line of questioning. In you mind you begin a burgage of questions and scenarios. Suddenly, without garnering all of your thoughts you blurt out, “What is up with the lime green weird SHORT socks Stoughton?”

At the end of this, I will continue my fashion faux pas. I will leave an indelible mark in the memory of some of my students and perhaps one or all of them will swear never to wear short socks with business clothing. But perhaps it is not for any one else, but for myself.¬† The short running socks will be my trademark, a token of my humanity that brings the commonality of my shared reality to the forefront of my students minds. Or it could remain a distorted version of my own Superman complex. Most likely though, this miserable effort of mismatching will just be a another example of my poor choices in clothing and validation of my wife’s explanation that I don’t know how to dress. At least I am one step closer to getting out of the office and on the trails for a run.

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