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Finding Ethereal Bliss amongst the Cognitive Dissonance

January 31, 2011

Certainly, the haze of melancholy pollution, mindnumbingness of monotonous daily routine, and the humdrum of vocational occupations, have created a necessity of escape which permeates in my, and many others nature, to venture beyond the benign habitats. To satiate these pseudo primal instincts, I along with several other comrades journeyed only 30 minutes beyond our homes, a nominal expedition albeit that which will catapult us to succeed again in the routines we have become so familiar with.

Not necessarily a dawn patrol by any means, we rendezvoused at the local REI at 7:30 am. As the sun, or what appeared to be (difficult to assess with the curtain of particulates), rose  we jumped in the car/hybrid. Jovial and excited, we shared thoughts of trail choices, new gear and expectations for the day. Today, I choose to use some of the swag I got from the OR Winter show, this included the Accli-mate drink mix which is supposed to assist in making the day more fruitful and enjoyable. Although, I am not certain if this did make any notable difference today, it was a delicatable pre-exercise drink. When we arrived at the Spruces parking area, we were only preceded by one other car. Quickly, mostly because of excitement, we rounded up all of the necessary gear, threw on skins and crossed the road to the trail head. Temperatures were a mild 24 degrees. Rapidly, I was ascending the trail with shell and insulating layers off.

The trail parallels for the first mile the Mill D trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Once rejoined with the Mill D trail we came to the intersection with Dog Lake and Desolation Trails. I particularly like seeing the trails in the transitions throughout the year, just a few months earlier I was running this same section of the trail in the Millcreek 50k. These sections of the trail are generally gradual and we progressed casually. At Dog Lake, we traversed left unto the ridge line and made a strong push for Mt Reynolds.

For a brief moment, we contemplated dropping off the East face of the ridge line. This was a hasty and conclusion and later concluded that this East face was extremely baked and crusted by the sun. At the summit, or what we at least considered a summit, we surmised the distance and breathe of what we had completed. A nice and casual 3.5 mile stroll to the summit of Mt. Reynolds. Refreshing.. Words escaping, we momentarily enjoyed the views.

During the ascent we found that the north facing snow in the trees was most optimal and upon summiting choose a northeastern facing slope to descend. This proved to be an excellent choice. There remained a sweet cover of relatively fresh powder that left us thirsty for more. We promptly, we applied our skins and ascended another line and danced among the trees. Although to be honest, I certainly did not feel flight of feet on this section. Watching the grace of the others was most enjoyable.

When we finally knew our journey needed a reasonable end, we reascended to Dog Lake (thanks GPS). And like a chinese downhill race we returned to the car in under 30 minutes.

Although the days trek was not epic or extreme in any capacity, it certainly was more then enough to satiate the demands of three working fathers from the small city of SLC. I know that the exertion and exhilaration were more then sufficient to catapult us back into the business of the week. And perhaps with all this said, I am willing to confess that this weekend warrior was given another taste of paradise to motivate him to return again. See you out there!!

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  1. January 31, 2011 4:35 AM

    Well done Pete.

  2. Hope permalink
    February 1, 2011 12:44 AM

    Now I really know why Jorden & Erin have choosen to live in SLC . This is so beautiful & full of such fun & joy of life.
    Thank you Pete.

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