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3 dudes and 3 dogs on Mtn Wire

January 25, 2011

After a long, almost 6 week hiatus, the dudes (Chad, Scott and Pete) rallied for the beginning of the 2011 trail running season. Although none of use were feeling exceptionally ambitious, we did want to get our climbing legs moving. In addition, we wanted to try some newer terrain out.

Today’s destination was Mount Wire. Mount Wire (also known as Wire Mountain or Big Beacon) is located to the eastern portion of the foothills just above the University of Utah. Although only  7,137 feet, it offers a nice casual climb for three guys getting their legs back after the holidays. This run was only 7 or so miles with only about a 2,000 foot or so of climbing.  More importantly, we were able to bring the dogs along and the weather conditions were primed for a fun day in the sun with friends, beast and man alike.

A late start for a typical trail run, we began running around 8:30. It took us an hour or so to run, if that’s what you want to call it from the Hoogle Zoo trail head to the summit. The trail is relatively easy to follow but has one or two turns to the right which would be more obvious in the summer months. For this run none of us wore any special gear or micro spikes. Although this may have been helpful near the summit, when conditions were slightly icy. Nothing that couldn’t be handled with a little strong foot strikes. At the summit, we enjoyed the sun beaming through the cumulus clouds over the Wasatch Mountains and joined forces with a group of other local hikers who promptly pointed out a herd of elk no fewer then 15 strong. 

As our temperatures dropped, we also descended quickly back down the trails to our points of origin. This return trip was much quicker and we made no delay in this return. within 30 minutes we were back at the car and laughing as one of the dogs tried to buddy up to a hiker, most likely due to a better supply of goodies then ourselves.

For an initial run of the 2011 year, it was certainly sweet and short. Hope to see you soon on the trails.

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