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Finding Time during the holidays

January 10, 2011

For many outdoor enthusiasts, balancing family and ‘selfish desires’ during the holidays can be difficult. In the past I have tried to fight completely against these obligations and traditions and to no avail. Envious of other couples who felt unencumbered by the burdens of these ties, I sought to reach a comprised status. I was often the person bringing gear heavy equipment across country or allocating significant hours or days of ‘vacation’ time during these stints. These to became intrusive and burdensome. Lugging bikes, climbing gear and planning extensive side trips during the holidays became more of a point of contention then simply not coming. Something, needed to change or the family dynamics were going to decompose. To the surprise of even myself, running and more specifically trail running, reinvigorated these trips and relationships. Trail running was easy to incorporate, low maintenance and more importantly high output.

Additionally, it permitted me and my wife to explore areas in normally uninteresting locations that the family members had never even entertained the notion of venturing upon. I have found the running in Temecula, CA and Chino Hills, CA  to be spectacular and worth its brief attention. Even in Lancaster, PA I was able to find the Conestoga trails.

For many of us traveling during the holidays, I encourage us not to be so contentious with our family members and to rather model the simplicity and aestheticism which originally inspired us to reach outside and begun exploring. Take advantage of the ‘vacations’ to re explore places that we may never have considered beautiful.

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